Segway® Lithium Battery

Segway® Lithium Battery

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One Year Warranty!  Up to 30 mile range!

This is for one single Rebuilt Lithium Segway® Battery

These batteries will work with all i2, x2, XT, i180, i170, and other gen one segways® capable of using lithium batteries

They are covered under a one year warranty against defects, which is basically everything but leaving the battery uncharged for an extended period of time and water damage.  In all other circumstances, the battery will be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

What is a Rebuilt Battery?

-A Rebuilt battery is a lithium segway® battery that has had all 92 of its cells replaced with cells of a higher capacity, re using the circuit board inside the battery.  This ensures compatibility with the segway® and that all built in safety features, like the safety shutdown, remain intact.  

-The cells are replaced with cells of the same safe and stable chemistry as the original battery, lifePo4, to ensure compatibility and safety

 The battery is neatly resealed with high-strength, plastic-specific epoxy for a permanent, water-tight seal

-These batteries have a capacity of 6.4ah compared to 5.2ah for a standard Segway® battery, for a capacity increase of 25%

You're getting a better battery for less money, covered by warranty for the same period of time as a new set.

 SegwaySolutions claims no affiliation or endorsement from Segway Inc. SEGWAY® is a registered trademark of Segway Inc.

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